Ancestor Trees

Ancestor tree for J.F. & Mary Children
J.F. & Mary Kobler Children Ancestor Tree (PDF)

Here is an ancestor tree for the children of Carl & Elma Kobler … Olive, Leo, Marie, Otto, Raymond. The roots of Elma Paxson Kobler is well documented in the Paxson, Hadley and Holiday lines, dating back as far as the 1500s.
Carl & Elma Kobler Children Ancestor Tree (PDF)

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  1. ann kobler solomon says:

    Hi, I am excited about this website. Thank you Mike..
    Mary Ebnother Kobler died in 1920 according to my records. Mary and John Ferdinand were married Feb. 8, 1874..

  2. Bob Settles says:

    Hi Mike,
    At the website,, I posted a picture album called Kobler Ancestry which includes all the pictures I had that were relevant, with maybe a few stray Paxsons. I think there are about 40 pictures there. Looks like we share many of the same pictures. I love the picture of the straw-men, which I know you photoshopped, on the home page heading. Super job. I also received an ugly password 12 characters long complete with lower case, caps, and numbers.

    • Mike Settles says:

      I added a link to your Kobler page to the Blogroll. You can change your ugly password to a very pretty one of your liking by clicking “Howdy, your name” and selecting Edit my profile.

  3. Lois Settles says:

    About the Paxson grandparents. As I am sure you know they were Quakers. Mother told about Grandfather Paxson milking a cow when the cow kicked and spilled the bucket. She said Cyrus stood up and had his milking stool ready to hit the cow when his Quaker upbringing kicked in and he stopped and said, “Get thee behind me, Satan!” She said the Paxon grandparents said thee and thou, etc. Also Grandmother Paxson named Sybil was called Sibby. For relaxation in the middle of the afternoon she would go upstairs to her bedroom and sit in a rocker and smoke a corncob pipe. When the kids would ask Grandmother Kobler about her mother doing this she would say, “Let’s not talk about it.”

  4. ann kobler solomon says:

    Dad said he was riding with Grandpa Paxson on the wagon. Dad’s straw hat blew off and landed under the horse(can’t remember horse’s name). The horse promptly filled Dad’s hat .
    Grandpa Paxson laughed and laughed. Dad didn’t laugh so much!!

    • Lois Settles says:

      Hadn’t heard that one before. That is pretty funny. After hearing the stories from Mom about how strict the Quaker relatives were it nice to know Grandpa Paxson had a sense of humor!

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