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Happy Times On the Carl and Elma Farm

No child could ever have wished for a more exciting place to visit grandparents than we had as grandchildren with the Kobler grandparents in Penokee.  The house had an attic, lots of bedrooms on the second floor, plus a real bathroom with toilet and tub and running water (back then that was exceptional), on the first floor was a huge country kitchen, a  living room, “sitting room” and large dining room.  The basement was very large and had many interesting […]

Kobler Photo from 1939

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I think this photo was taken about 1939.  We need some help to identify the unknown people in the photo.   I cannot identify some of the folks. On the left is Uncle Leo and Juanita in front of him, then Jo, (and what looks to be a Kobler man behind her who I do not know), me [Lois], Jocelyn, Dean in front of her, Jean behind her, Mom, Dad, a woman I do not know,back to the front a […]