Carl Kobler Newspaper Articles

Here are some very interesting newspaper articles written by Carl Kobler.

The following is a very interesting account of life on the Kansas frontier, complete with descriptions of horse thievery and loosing your pants … literally!
Kobler Family Article – by Carl Kobler – 1955 (PDF)

And another article …
The Old Sod Fort – by Carl Kobler – 1955 (PDF)

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  1. Lois Settles says:

    I had never seen this but Grnddad made a model of this fort which was displayed at the Fort Hays State College Museum (now called Ft. Hays Kansas State University, I think). I have no idea what ever became of the model. It was done to scale. I believe Granddad said it was originally used by soldiers passing through to Wyoming (Custer?). He said they broke some new horses there and were camped for some time renewing their provisions.

  2. Lois Settles says:

    The other name for Penokee Granddad mentions was a story about an Indian who came to the store in Penokee and wanted to use the out house. It was locked so he went to the clerk and said, “Pee, no key”. No wonder he said it was not worth mentioning.

  3. ann kobler solomon says:

    Good article. I remember that one. Thanks for posting it1

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