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Kobler Photos From Olive Kobler Steeples / Hillon Steeples

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Thanks to Judy Steeples Alston for sharing some of the photos she received from her father, Hillon Steeples! Judy writes “I remember Grandmother Olive Kobler Steeples telling me about the two photos below … that my Granddad Chester Steeples took the first photo and that our Great Granddad Carl Kobler took the second so that they could both be in a photo”. Standing: Leo Kobler, Jay Paxson, Elma Paxon Kobler, D.J. Steeples, Marie Kobler Steeples, Wallace Steeples, Olive Kobler Steeples, […]

Olive Kobler Photo Album

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The following photos all came from Olive Kobler Steeples’ album, handed down to Donna Steeples Childs. These photos were all scanned by Kathi Duncan, the mother of Donna’s daughter in law. Thank you to Donna for sharing these photos and Kathi for taking the time to scan them! Many of these photos were taken during the 1915 World Fair trip. Many others are unknown. Text on the back of photos is also provided. I will add descriptions for these photos […]

More Paxson/Kobler Photos from Opal Fortune Harris

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The following photos were provided by Debbie Musselman and came from her Aunt Opal Fortune Harris’ photo collection. Thank you again to both of them for sharing and providing the names! If anyone can help with the unknown names, it would be appreciated. Back row: unknown, unknown, unknown, unknown, unkown, unknown, unknown, unknown, (porch) Elma Paxson Kobler (holding Raymond Kobler), unknown, unknown, unknown, unkown, Sibby Paxson, Cyrus Paxson Porch seated back row: unknown, unknown, unknown sister of Sibby Hadley Paxson, […]

Kobler Reunion Photos – May 2013

The Kobler reunion on Memorial Day weekend, 2013, was a great success! It was fun to meet many cousins for the first time. Thanks to: Don and Tammy Steeples for hosting the event. Ken Lummus for suggesting the get together. Ann Solomon for promoting the festivities on Facebook. Lois Settles and Tammy Steeples for making the large Family Tree and for planning and organizing. Everyone for bringing delicious food. All who attended for joining the celebration. Photos Please help us […]

Koblers and Grants at Grant Sod Home

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Thanks to Debbie Musselman for the following photo, taken at the Edward & Marietta Grant sod home in Kansas. Back: Orval Grant, Bertha Grant, unknown, Ed Grant, Marietta Paxson Grant holding Lola Grant, Elma Paxson Kobler holding Raymond Kobler Front: Ernie Grant, Melvin Grant, Leo Kobler, Vera Marie Kobler, Otto Kobler, Harold Grant

More Paxson Ancestor Photos

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Thanks to Debbie Musselman for all of the photos here. Also thank you to Opal Fortune Harris and Debbie Musselman for the following memories during Debbie’s recent visit with her aunt Opal: “My aunt … remembers well going to the home of her great grandparents [Cyrus and Sibby Paxson] and playing as a child. They were Quakers and used “Thee” and “Thou”. Her great grandmother smoked a pipe, and would sneak off to her bedroom to soak her feet and […]

Paxson Ancestor Photos

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  Standing: Elma (Paxson) Kobler (daughter of Cyrus and Sibby), Melvin Paxson (Cyrus and Sibby’s son), Sadie (Hadley) Paxson (Jay T’s first wife), Elmer Parks, Ida (Paxson) Parks, Jessie (Jobes) Paxson (Melvin’s first wife), Sibby (Hadley) Paxson (Cyrus’s wife), Cyrus Paxson, Milton Paxson. Seated: Jay T. Paxson (Cyrus and Sibby’s son) holding his daughter Elma, Carl Kobler holding his daughter Olive, Clide Parks (Ida and Elmer’s son) Photo courtesy Debbie Musselman. Back Standing: Rollie John Fortune, Emmett Edward (Jack) Fortune, […]

Hadley Ancestor Photos

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Many of these photos came from the Hadley photo album shown below and are courtesy of Carolyn Bergeron, who also entrusted some of the originals to me. Some had identifying captions in the original album, while others had no caption or an indication such as “Sister” (noted below as “believed” or “unknown”). Identification of unknown individuals would be greatly appreciated. Direct Ancestors of Sabina Hadley Paxson Other Hadley Family Photos All of the following photos are Siblings of Sabina Hadley […]

Kobler Photo from 1939

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I think this photo was taken about 1939.  We need some help to identify the unknown people in the photo.   I cannot identify some of the folks. On the left is Uncle Leo and Juanita in front of him, then Jo, (and what looks to be a Kobler man behind her who I do not know), me [Lois], Jocelyn, Dean in front of her, Jean behind her, Mom, Dad, a woman I do not know,back to the front a […]

John and Mary Kobler Family Photos

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Back Row: Herbert, Carl, Ernest, Eda Front Row: Arthur, John, Mae, Mary, Albert, William Not positive on the names. Just going by appearance and suspected chronological ages from JF Kobler’s obituary. According to LaVergne Hardman(oldest daughter of Albert who is 95 in 2012) This is the lineup of the picture … Back Row: Carl Kobler, Will Higer, Herbert Kobler, Art Kobler, Will Kobler, Doc Ebnother Second Row: Elma Kobler, Eda Higer,Carrie Kobler, Gertie Kobler, Nellie Kobler Third Row: Fred Kobler, […]