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More Paxson Ancestor Photos

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Thanks to Debbie Musselman for all of the photos here. Also thank you to Opal Fortune Harris and Debbie Musselman for the following memories during Debbie’s recent visit with her aunt Opal: “My aunt … remembers well going to the home of her great grandparents [Cyrus and Sibby Paxson] and playing as a child. They were Quakers and used “Thee” and “Thou”. Her great grandmother smoked a pipe, and would sneak off to her bedroom to soak her feet and […]

Paxson Ancestor Photos

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  Standing: Elma (Paxson) Kobler (daughter of Cyrus and Sibby), Melvin Paxson (Cyrus and Sibby’s son), Sadie (Hadley) Paxson (Jay T’s first wife), Elmer Parks, Ida (Paxson) Parks, Jessie (Jobes) Paxson (Melvin’s first wife), Sibby (Hadley) Paxson (Cyrus’s wife), Cyrus Paxson, Milton Paxson. Seated: Jay T. Paxson (Cyrus and Sibby’s son) holding his daughter Elma, Carl Kobler holding his daughter Olive, Clide Parks (Ida and Elmer’s son) Photo courtesy Debbie Musselman. Back Standing: Rollie John Fortune, Emmett Edward (Jack) Fortune, […]

Hadley Ancestor Photos

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Many of these photos came from the Hadley photo album shown below and are courtesy of Carolyn Bergeron, who also entrusted some of the originals to me. Some had identifying captions in the original album, while others had no caption or an indication such as “Sister” (noted below as “believed” or “unknown”). Identification of unknown individuals would be greatly appreciated. Direct Ancestors of Sabina Hadley Paxson Other Hadley Family Photos All of the following photos are Siblings of Sabina Hadley […]

Paxson & Hadley Ancestry

Elma Paxson married Carl L. Kobler on May 1, 1898. The ancestry of Elma Paxson Kobler is well documented on several different websites: Paxson Family Seventh Generation – This series of web pages is a very impressive, complete and well organized collection of many Paxson generations.  The Seventh Generation describes Cyrus and Sabina Paxson (Elma’s parents), as well as Carl and Elma Kobler.  Previous Generations contain the Paxson heritage for John Townsend Paxson (Generation Six), Jacob Paxson (Generation Five), John […]