Hadley Ancestor Photos

Many of these photos came from the Hadley photo album shown below and are courtesy of Carolyn Bergeron, who also entrusted some of the originals to me. Some had identifying captions in the original album, while others had no caption or an indication such as “Sister” (noted below as “believed” or “unknown”). Identification of unknown individuals would be greatly appreciated.

Direct Ancestors of Sabina Hadley Paxson

Jacob Hadley (Jockey Jake 1786-1878) - Grandfather of Sabina Hadley Paxson

Hadley Photo Album

Jane Holiday Hadley (1814-1892) - Moher of Sabina Hadley Paxson

Believed to be Jonathan and Jane Holiday Hadley - Parents of Sabina Hadley Paxson

Other Hadley Family Photos

All of the following photos are Siblings of Sabina Hadley Paxson.

Hadley Siblings-Benjamin Franklin Hadley and four sisters-Back right is Philena Hadley, front right is Sabina Hadley

Frank and Elizabeth Allen Hadley

Lot & Jane Hadley Johnson (sister of Sabina) & children

Unknown Hadley Sister (of Sabina)

Unknown Hadley Sister (of Sabina)

Unknown Hadley Sister (of Sabina)

Carrie, Frieda & Clara Cougill - grandchildren of Jonathan and Jane (Holiday) Hadley

Jonathan Hadley 1827 Land Certificate

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