I’m A Kobler

Perhaps it would help to know how we are related by posting individual Kobler lineage. Here is mine:

Mike Settles -> Lois Steeples Settles -> Marie Kobler Steeples -> Carl Kobler -> John F. Kobler.

Feel free to post a reply showing your own heritage.

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  1. Kenneth Lee Lummus (Kobler) says:

    My dad was Winnie Kobler,son of Herbert and Carrie Kobler of Corvallis, Oregon. I went up there a lot when I was in high school and not enough when I went to college in McMinnville, Oregon. My first dad (Winnie) died on a B29 bomb run over Tokyo in May of 1945. He was the aircraft commander. His last words were, “bail out”, but the only crew member to do so was Harry Slater, then a wing burned off and they crashed with no other survivors. I referred to my “first” dad because the man that raised me from 3 years old, Al, was my dad also.

    • Mike Settles says:

      Thanks for the story Ken. Do you have information about your grandfather Herbert (or 1st father) that would be good to post on the website?

    • ann kobler solomon says:

      I appreciate you sharing this on our family website. Everyone thought highly of Winnie. Most of our generation were told about his service and honored him for it. Thanks Ken

  2. Hello everyone. Thanks for the site. Anthony Arden Kobler (1978-) –>Arden Kobler (1947-) –>Raymond Kobler (1913-2006) –> Carl Kobler –> John F. Kobler

  3. ann kobler solomon says:

    Ann Kobler Solomon->Otto Kobler->Carl L. Kobler->JohnF. Kobler

  4. Judy Alston says:

    Judith Marie Steeples Alston->Hillon David Steeples->Olive Irma Kobler Steeples->Carl Kobler->John F. Kobler

  5. Albert Kevin Kobler says:

    Albert Kevin Kobler -> Carl Davis Kobler -> Albert James Kobler -> John F Kobler

    • Mike Settles says:

      Hi Albert. Glad to see descendants of Albert James. If you have any photos or stories, I would love to post them if you want to email me.

      • Albert Kevin Kobler says:

        Just as a point of information, I go by my middle name – Kevin – mainly because both of my grandfathers were named Albert as well as first cousin Albert Douglas Hardman. Both Doug and I use our middle names to avoid confusion.

    • John F Kobler says:

      John Frederick Kobler->Carl Davis Kobler->Albert James Kobler->John Ferdinand Kobler

  6. lois Steeples Settles->Marie Kobler Steeples->Carl L Kobler->John F Kobler

  7. Pamela Werling says:

    Pamela (Madden) Werling ->Phyllis Ione Kobler Madden -> Albert James Kobler -> John K Kobler

  8. Mindy Loveless says:

    Mindy (Hardman) Loveless -> Albertine LaVergne Kobler Hardman -> Albert James Kobler -> John F. Kobler

    Thanks, Mike for putting all this together. What a resource this has become!

  9. Leslie Ann Deines Owen says:

    Leslie Ann (Deines) Owen >> Lorrayne Kobler Deines> Albert James Kobler -> John F. Kobler

    Karla Kathryn (Deines) Johnson, Thomas Carl Deines, and Alan Ruben Deines (deceased) follow this same lineage.

    My daughters are Amanda Melissa Owen and Allison Marie Owen. I am married to Kevin Robert Owen.

  10. Marcie Fiorentino says:

    Love these old photos! Here is who I am: Marcie Settles Fiorentino -> Lois Steeples Settles -> Marie Kobler Steeples -> Carl Kobler -> John F. Kobler

  11. John F Kobler says:

    John Frederick Kobler->Carl Davis Kobler Sr.->Albert James Kobler->John Ferdinand Kobler

  12. Bob Super says:

    I’m Bob Super. My mother was Maurine Kobler Super, my
    grandparents were William and Nellie (Raney) Kobler,
    my great-grandparents were John Ferdninand and Mary
    Jacobea (Ebnother) Kobler

  13. Martha Rath Vincent says:

    I’m a Kobler too. My mother was Margaret Kobler Rath, daughter of Albert and Anna Kobler. She married Robert Lewis Rath, and they both grew up and stayed in the Morland/Hill City area. My two brothers, Tim, Philip, and I grew up surrounded by Kobler and Rath families. With such close-knit families, our childhoods were golden. Thanks to all of you for putting up this site and allowing us to stay in touch with our extended families.

    Martha Rath Vincent -> Margaret Kobler Rath -> Albert James Kobler -> John Ferdinand Kobler

    • Hi Martha, nice to see so many descendants of Albert and Anna who are finding the website enjoyable! Thanks for sharing your story. You are welcome for the site. It does seem that Ann’s Facebook group and this website are giving us new ways to stay in touch or in many cases to meet extended family members for the first time.

  14. Maiden: Karen Kay Wilson Married: Karen Kay Reeves says:

    Karen Wilson Allen Reeves -> Grace Marie Lawson Wilson -> Maria Regina Rohner -> Maria Bertha Kobler (Sister to John F. Kobler) -> Joseph Johann Kobler (1805-1873) -> Jakob “Jokelis” Kobler (1770-1848).

  15. Karen,
    Welcome to the Kobler website. It is nice to hear from another Kobler descendant. I would love to get more information from you about your branch of the Kobler Family tree!
    Hope you enjoyed the trip to Montlingen.

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