John and Mary Kobler Family Photos

John and Mary Kobler Family - 1893

Back Row: Herbert, Carl, Ernest, Eda
Front Row: Arthur, John, Mae, Mary, Albert, William
Not positive on the names. Just going by appearance and suspected chronological ages from JF Kobler’s obituary.

John and Mary Kobler Family - April, 1911

According to LaVergne Hardman(oldest daughter of Albert who is 95 in 2012) This is the lineup of the picture …
Back Row: Carl Kobler, Will Higer, Herbert Kobler, Art Kobler, Will Kobler, Doc Ebnother
Second Row: Elma Kobler, Eda Higer,Carrie Kobler, Gertie Kobler, Nellie Kobler
Third Row: Fred Kobler, Mae Kobler, Otto Kobler on John Kobler’s lap, Thelma Kobler on Mary Kobler’s lap, Ernie Kobler, Albert Kobler
Front Row: Olive Kobler, Clifford Higer, Marie Kobler, Clarence Higer, Vernon Higer, Leo Kobler, Charlie Higer.

John and Mary Kobler - October, 1917

First Row (L-R): Leona Kobler Hill (d-Gertie & Art Kobler), Thelma Kobler Pruiett (d-Carrie & Herbert Kobler), Otto Kobler (s-Elma & Carl Kobler), Clifford Higer (s-Eda Kobler & Will Higer), Maureen Kobler Super (d-Nellie & Will Kobler), Clarence Higer (s-Eda and Will Higer)
Second Row (L-R): Leo Kobler (s-Elma & Carl Kobler), Vernon Higer (s-Eda and Will Higer), Marie Kobler Steeples (d-Elma and Carl Kobler), Arlene Kobler Grace (d-Gertie & Art Kobler), Mary Kobler Dodd (d-Carrie & Herbert Kobler), Harold Kobler (s-?), Raymond Kobler (s-Elma & Carl Kobler), Carl L. Kobler (s-Mary & J.F. Kobler)
Third Row (L-R): Mary Sonntag Barnes (sister of Gertie Kobler), Gertrude Sonntag Kobler (wife of Art Kobler), Mae Kobler Troutman (d-Mary & J.F. Kobler), Elma Paxson Kobler (wife of Carl Kobler), Sibby Paxson (mother of Elma Kobler), Mary Ebnother Kobler (wife of J.F. Kobler, mother of 9 Koblers), Carrie Kobler (wife of Herbert Kobler), Anna Davis Kobler (wife of Albert Kobler), Baby Albertine LaVergne Hardman (d-Anna & Albert Kobler), Nellie Rainy Kobler (wife of Will Kobler), Eda Kobler Higer (d-Mary & J.F. Kobler)
Fourth Row (L-R): Oswald Rohner (cousin of Carl, Eda, Ernie, Herbert, Will, Mae, Art, Albert, Fred), Fred Kobler (s-Mary & J.F. Kobler), Bert Troutman (husband of Mae), Art Kobler (s-Mary & J.F. Kobler), Cyrus Paxson (father of Elma Kobler), Ernest Kobler (s-Mary & J.F. Kobler), J.F. Kobler (father of 9 Koblers), Herbert Kobler (s-Mary & J.F. Kobler), Albert Kobler (s-Mary & J.F. Kobler), Will Kobler (s-Mary & J.F. Kobler), Will Higer (husband of Eda Kobler)

Kobler Family - October 1917

J.F. & Mary Kobler Family - October 1917

Standing (L-R): Gertie Kobler, Mary Barnes (Gertie’s sister), believed to be Winnie Kobler, Carrie Kobler, Clarence Higer (child), Fred Kobler, Mae Kobler Troutman, Bert Troutman, Eda Kobler Higer, Mary Kobler, Art Kobler, unknown, Nellie Kobler, Albertine LaVergne Hardman (baby), Anna Kobler, Sabina Hadley Paxson, Elma Paxson Kobler, Cyrus Paxson, John Ferdinand Kobler, Ernie Kobler
Kneeling & children (L-R): Oswald Rohner, Leo Kobler, Harold Kobler, Frank Paxson, Otto Kobler, Marie Kobler, Clifford Higer, Thelma Kobler, Mary Kobler, Maureen Kobler, Raymond Kobler, Leona Kobler, Arlene Kobler, Will Kobler

Hill City Times Article

J.F. & Mary Kobler Children 1950

Back Row: Carl Kobler, Herbert Kobler, Art Kobler
Front Row: Will Kobler, Mae Kobler Troutman, Eda Kobler Higer, Albert Kobler

John & Mary Kobler Grand Children 1950

Back Row: Raymond Kobler, Leo Kobler, Maureen Kobler Super, Marie Kobler Steeples, Otto Kobler, Phyllis Kobler Madden
Front Row: Olive Kobler Steeples, Mary Kobler Dodd, Lorayne Kobler Deines, Leona Kobler Hill, Margaret Kobler Rath, LaVergne Kobler Hardman, Vernon Higer

John & Mary Kobler Grand Children with Spouses 1950

Back Row: Vernon Higer, Leo Kobler, Margaret Kobler Rath, Buenola Kobler Lummus(Winnie’s widow), Leona Kobler Hill, Al Lummus, Reuben Deines, Leon Super, Wallace Steeples, Otto Kobler, Irv Hardman, Gene Madden, Raymond Kobler
Front Row: Lydia Higer, Martha Kobler, Olive Steeples,Mary Kobler Dodd, Lorayne Kobler Deines, Marie Kobler Steeples, Maureen Kobler Super, Helen Kobler, LaVergne Kobler Hardman, Phyllis Kobler Madden, Charlotte Kobler, Arden Kobler

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  1. John F. Kobler says:

    I’m thrilled to see this photo out there for all to see. Great picture on a really cool website. Good job Mike, and all all my relatives that have contributed.

  2. Debbie Hardman Harley says:

    The unknown baby in the 4th picture from the top of this page(the second page?) beside Carrie Kobler is probably Winnie (Winfred) Kobler. My mother is LaVergne Kobler who is the other baby in the picture. Mama said she and Winnie were the same age or close in age. She would have been about 7 months old in this picture.
    So much fun to look at these wonderful family pictures… of a truly wonderful family!
    Thanks for your work,

  3. Patricia Madden-Beran says:

    I am just getting around to looking at some of these pictures and stories. How nice to see such wonderful things about a family I knew was wonderful!!! thanks for all your work!

  4. Leslie Deines Owen says:

    just saw two corrections..Mom’s name is spelled Lorrayne and Dad’s is spelled Ruben. I love how you have the people identified. I didn’t know them until they looked a bit older.

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