Koblers and Grants at Grant Sod Home

Thanks to Debbie Musselman for the following photo, taken at the Edward & Marietta Grant sod home in Kansas.

Koblers at Edward & Marietta Grant Sod Home in Kansas about 1914

Back: Orval Grant, Bertha Grant, unknown, Ed Grant, Marietta Paxson Grant holding Lola Grant, Elma Paxson Kobler holding Raymond Kobler
Front: Ernie Grant, Melvin Grant, Leo Kobler, Vera Marie Kobler, Otto Kobler, Harold Grant

3 Responses to Koblers and Grants at Grant Sod Home

  1. Thanks, Mike for the post. What fun to see these old pictures. I had never seen this before. Looks like they were going to have some music…or they already had played those instruments.

    • John F. Kobler says:

      Great picture. One correction on the IDs. Leo Kobler is the 3rd boy from the left in the front row, not the second boy as the names imply. Thanks.

      • Mike Settles says:

        John, thanks for the correction. I can see that you are right based on other photos of Uncle Leo. I updated the names, swapping Leo Kobler and Melvin Grant … hopefully that is correct.

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