More Paxson Ancestor Photos

Thanks to Debbie Musselman for all of the photos here.

Also thank you to Opal Fortune Harris and Debbie Musselman for the following memories during Debbie’s recent visit with her aunt Opal: “My aunt … remembers well going to the home of her great grandparents [Cyrus and Sibby Paxson] and playing as a child. They were Quakers and used “Thee” and “Thou”. Her great grandmother smoked a pipe, and would sneak off to her bedroom to soak her feet and smoke her pipe. Opal and her aunt Lola (who were just two years apart in age) would sneak out under the window and watch the smoke pour out”.

Elma and JT Paxson (Siblings)

Elma Paxson Kobler

Acsah (or Axa) Paxson

Jonathan Townsend Paxson and his second wife - Harriett (Hattie)

Melvin & Jessie Paxson and two of their children

Melvin & Jessie Paxson and family

Melvin Paxson. Handwriting on photo is Della Grant Fortune

Fred & Leonard Paxson

Miriam Paxson

Edward Grant holding his daughter Della, Marietta Paxson Grant, and their son Orval Grant

Arnold, Nannie, Katherine, & Orval Grant.

Paxsons and a Grant

If anyone can help with the missing names in these photos, it would be greatly appreciated.

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  1. Had see the picture of Grandmother Kobler and her brother Jay.
    I had not seen any other the others, including Grandmother standing by the car. Looking at the car I am guessing it was in the late 1930s.

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