Paxson Ancestor Photos

Cyrus Paxson

Sabina Hadley Paxson

Cyrus and Sabina Paxson


Cyrus Paxson

Cyrus Paxson Family about 1903

Standing: Elma (Paxson) Kobler (daughter of Cyrus and Sibby), Melvin Paxson (Cyrus and Sibby’s son), Sadie (Hadley) Paxson (Jay T’s first wife), Elmer Parks, Ida (Paxson) Parks, Jessie (Jobes) Paxson (Melvin’s first wife), Sibby (Hadley) Paxson (Cyrus’s wife), Cyrus Paxson, Milton Paxson.
Seated: Jay T. Paxson (Cyrus and Sibby’s son) holding his daughter Elma, Carl Kobler holding his daughter Olive, Clide Parks (Ida and Elmer’s son)
Photo courtesy Debbie Musselman.

Cyrus Paxson Family about 1920

Back Standing: Rollie John Fortune, Emmett Edward (Jack) Fortune, Della Grant Fortune, Hazel Paxson, Olive Kobler, Frank Paxson, Ernest Grant, John Paxson, Ollie Paxson, Leo Kobler
Top Seated: Marietta (Ettie) Paxson Grant, Ralph Kenneth (Kenny) Grant, Melvin Paxson, Cyrus Paxson, Sabina Hadley Paxson, Anna Paxson, William Paxson (Cyrus’ brother)
Middle Seated: Melvin Grant, Marie Kobler, Anita Paxson, Joseph Albertis (Burt) Paxson, Ora Hadley Paxson, Elma Paxson Kobler, Otto Kobler
Bottom Seated: Raymond Kobler, Lola Grant, Opal Fortune

Much thanks to Debbie Musselman and Opal Fortune Harris (girl in the front row) for identification of many Grant and Fortune individuals.

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  2. Judy Alston says:

    I’ve never seen any of these photos before. Thanks so much for sharing them.

  3. Thanks to Opal for supplying the names we could not find. I sent this picture to Uncle Ray before he died and we talked on the phone trying to help him recall. He could remember last names, i.e. “that was a Grant” but no first names.

  4. Jerry Kobler says:

    Thanks,Mike, for your time and efforts. Enjoy the pix and info.

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