Paxson & Hadley Ancestry

Elma Paxson married Carl L. Kobler on May 1, 1898. The ancestry of Elma Paxson Kobler is well documented on several different websites:

Paxson Family Seventh Generation – This series of web pages is a very impressive, complete and well organized collection of many Paxson generations.  The Seventh Generation describes Cyrus and Sabina Paxson (Elma’s parents), as well as Carl and Elma Kobler.  Previous Generations contain the Paxson heritage for John Townsend Paxson (Generation Six), Jacob Paxson (Generation Five), John Paxson (Generation Four), Reuben Paxson (Generation Three), William Paxson, Jr. (Generation Two), James Paxson (Generation One), James Paxson (English Generation).

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The Hadley Society – Sabina (Sibby) Hadley Paxson was Elma’s mother. The Hadley Society website contains information and photos for several direct ancestors of Elma, including Sabina Hadley Paxson, Jane Holiday Hadley (Sibby’s mother) and Jacob Hadley (Sibby’s grandfather).

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Here is an interesting article about Penokee, KS History, which contains some information about Cyrus Paxson and also some Kobler references.

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