Wayne F. Kobler


Wayne Kobler (Jan 11, 1922 – June 27, 1944) was the son of Art & Gertrude Kobler. An American hero during World War II, Lt. Wayne F. Kobler was part of the 318th Fighter Group, giving his life for his country.

Lt. Wayne F. Kobler (19th) became one of the first army pilots killed. On June 27th [1944], he and six other pilots flew a rocket strafing mission against enemy positions on Gurguan Point. During the low level attack, the Japanese set off a buried 500 lb. bomb that caught two T-Bolts full blast.  Lt. Richard B. Whitzig was missing as the flight regrouped and was never found. Graves Registration found Kobler weeks later. The Japanese had buried him, marked his grave, and covered it with a parachute. The new number two strip by Isley Field would be named Kobler Field in his honor. (So is Koblerville on present day Saipan.)


318th Fighter Group


Wayne Kobler

Wayne Kobler

Wayne is buried in Punch Bowl National Memorial Cemetery, Honolulu, HI. Thanks to Andrea Kobler Taylor and Ray Pruiett for the following photos:

Wayne KoblerPhoto courtesy of Ray Pruiett

Wayne Kobler CemeteryPhoto courtesy of Andrea Kobler Taylor

Wayne Kobler HeadstonePhoto courtesy of Andrea Kobler Taylor

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  1. Lois E. Settles says:

    Thanks, Mike for adding this. I remember Wayne well. He was one handsome guy!! I wonder if Leona or Arlene or Betty (his sisters) would have a picture you could post of him. I am not even sure if any of them are still living, but his picture would be a nice addition to this.

  2. Yes, a photo of Wayne would be nice if we could locate one.

  3. Ray Pruiett says:

    I have a picture in ‘unfiled stuff’ of Wayne, Winfred and their college roomates at Hays. I’ll see if I can dig it out.

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