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Donna’s Memories of Grandmother on the Farm

Mine do overlap Lois’s memories. A small item, and maybe a repeat. Grandmother, (never Grandma as you know), always included us in whatever she was doing and we each had a week during our grade school years, probably from about age 8 to about 11 when we the only visitor. We would feed the chickens, gather eggs, learn about wringing the neck of a chicken by example, watch the preparation of a large meal for the men__always delicious, check out […]

More memories on the Carl and Elma Kobler farm

I love reading your memories Lois. Of course, by the time I was born, things had changed a lot. I was born in 1945, and Granddad and Grandmother had moved to a house in Penokee. My brother Jerry and I lived in that grand old house until I was a sophomore in High school and Jerry was a senior. I too loved the attic and spent many hours there. My room was over the kitchen with three windows with window […]

Happy Times On the Carl and Elma Farm

No child could ever have wished for a more exciting place to visit grandparents than we had as grandchildren with the Kobler grandparents in Penokee.  The house had an attic, lots of bedrooms on the second floor, plus a real bathroom with toilet and tub and running water (back then that was exceptional), on the first floor was a huge country kitchen, a  living room, “sitting room” and large dining room.  The basement was very large and had many interesting […]

Aunt Olive’s Diary 1915

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This fascinating diary transcript from Olive Kobler documents the Kobler family trip from Penokee, KS to the San Francisco, California World Fair, also known as the Panama-Pacific International Exposition, in 1915 in a Lincoln Town Car, which actually came with a tent that was part of the car.  Family members included Carl and Elma, Olive (16), Leo (12), Marie (9), Otto (7), Raymond (2). The trip duration was over 3 months, from June 8 through September 18.  It was undoubtedly […]

Carl Kobler Newspaper Articles

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Here are some very interesting newspaper articles written by Carl Kobler. The following is a very interesting account of life on the Kansas frontier, complete with descriptions of horse thievery and loosing your pants … literally! Kobler Family Article – by Carl Kobler – 1955 (PDF) And another article … The Old Sod Fort – by Carl Kobler – 1955 (PDF)

Carl and Elma Kobler

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Carl L. Kobler was born 2/15/1876 in Atalissa, Iowa. Carl married Elma Matilda Paxson on 5/1/1898. He died 7/19/1967 in Graham County Hospital in Hill City, KS. Buried in Penokee,KS Cemetery. Elma Paxson was born in Pleasant Plain, Iowa on 11/08/1877. Elma Paxson Kobler died 10/10/1960 in Hill City, KS and is buried in the Penokee Cemetery. Carl and Elma were both school teachers at one time. They owned many acres along the Solomon River in Graham County Kansas. They […]