Donna’s Memories of Grandmother on the Farm

Mine do overlap Lois’s memories.
A small item, and maybe a repeat. Grandmother, (never Grandma as you know), always included us in whatever she was doing and we each had a week during our grade school years, probably from about age 8 to about 11 when we the only visitor. We would feed the chickens, gather eggs, learn about wringing the neck of a chicken by example, watch the preparation of a large meal for the men__always delicious, check out the garden, and so forth. Grandmother never said anything cross to us. Lots more and maybe I can get down to more later. Love,  Donna

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  1. Grandmother never missed church or Sunday School a single Sunday she was able to be there. One Sunday afternoon when I was 25 and pregnant with Steve, Mom, Aunt Olive, Aunt Helen and I were sitting in Aunt Olive’s living room chatting. I was sewing button holes on a top I was making. Grandmother kept watching me and I think looked a little pained. Finally she said, “Lois, do you realize what you are doing?” I was so startled and I asked why she asked that? She said, “You are sewing on Sunday”. I said, “But Grandmother, I enjoy doing this. It is not work for me”. She contemplated that a bit, and then said,”Well, you know perhaps what is a sin for one person is not a sin for another”. And, as usual, she smiled very lovingly…as a grandmother should. She never said anything bad about anyone and I recall once when Mom and Aunt Olive were raking someone over the coals, she said, “But she has beautiful eyes”.

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