John and Mary Kobler Biography

John Ferdinand Kobler was born on 27 Jan 1844 in Montlingen, Switzerland. He died on 16 Apr
1924 in Hill City, KS. He married Mary Jacobea Ebnother, daughter of John Jacob Ebnother and
Magadalena Nachbaur on 08 Feb 1874 in West Liberty, IA. She was born on 05 Sep 1856 in
Montlingen, Switzerland. She died on 20 May 1920 in Hill City, KS.

For more information about the Ebnother family, there is an interesting article about Mary’s brother, Dr. Charles Leo Ebnother on the Kansas State Historical Society website.

John Ferdinand Kobler and Mary Jacobea Ebnother had the following children:

  1. Carl Leo Kobler
  2. Eda Magdalina Kobler
  3. Ernest Kobler
  4. Herbert Kobler
  5. William Kobler
  6. Elizabeth Mae Kobler
  7. John Arthur Kobler
  8. Albert Kobler
  9. Fred Kobler


John & Mary Kobler about 1875

John & Mary Kobler about 1875

John Ferdinand Kobler (1844-1924)

Mary Jacobea Ebnother Kobler

Mary Jacobea Ebnother Kobler (1856-1920)

John & Mary Kobler 1909

John & Mary Kobler 1909

J.F. Kobler

J.F. Kobler


John Ferdinand Kobler Obituary

Mary Ebnother Kobler Obituary

2 Responses to John and Mary Kobler Biography

  1. Lois Settles says:

    Had never seen this, Mike. Fun to see the ancestry spelled out. This clerifies that Fred did have a wife and child when he died in WWI and that Ernie had neither a wife or a child. She surely over came a great deal to lose both parents so young! I seldom remember Mom mentioning the Ebnother family and wonder why…I guess they did not live near Penokee (Iowa?). She did used to talk about “Uncle Doc” and that must have been Grandmother Kobler’s brother.

  2. ann kobler solomon says:

    I believe Fred’s baby was Paul Lee Kobler. I have his obituary. I haven’t tried to scan in and post my papers. Uncle Doc. was an Ebnother, I am pretty sure. Jerry or Bob or Doug Hardman would probably know for sure.

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